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[aready post on Tumblr]

2014 Convention: Anime Expo
I'm not sure if I will be able to make it to others, but I'm hitting the big one ^_^

2014 NEW Cos:
+ Heroine -- Amnesia (Otome Game)
+ *Secret* -- Date A Live
+ Aoba Seragaki -- Dramatical Murder 

Those are all that is finalized~ I'm really excited, but also nervous since balancing school, commissions, and my own cos~ Hope you guys are looking forward to the adventures this year with me ^^! woot woot~ Maybe even meet you guys at AX!

What are your guys' plans?


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Cho Yee-Ling
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Name: Cho Yee-Ling (Last, First)
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Good day ~<3 I was born in the year of the horse in the month of cancer. On the day of fire. Therefore, my elements are both fire and water. Causing me, in a sense, to be mist. ;)

Nice to meet you~ Welcome to my page of mainly cosplay and a few other fun things! Please do not hesitate to strike a chat with me. Am happy to meet/make new friends~ Much love <3 Have lovely day~

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IjiRyushippo 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Thankyou for the fave

Good morning. I've got a little question since I'm finally going to start work on my dominator (late again as always but another cosplay and writing applications kept me busy): Which  material did you use as the base/body for your dominators? I'm just curious. I've already got something in mind. But I'm not entirely sure if it'll work and be robust that way.

Thanks in advance

Love-of-Krye Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Good Morning! :) 
The base was made out of foam board (those poster boards) in black. I traced the template 6 times and cut it all out. 4 of the pieces, i cut out the center (which is going to create that space inside for you to insert all the LED, wires, trigger, and battery). It took a long time this way... so I don't know if it's the "best" option out there. 

And np~ :D 

There's also this tutorial: Ty-Angeliq She made it out of this plastic foam plate. It looks easier to cut (but I never worked with it). You'll need a lot of layers though! The hollow internal looks a lot like the inside of mine. :)
Wow, many thanks for the really fast reply! 

This tutorial is awesome cause it is even a German one and states where to buy the stuff. And I already noticed how many mistakes I made... for example bought 20 5 mm LEDs but... I guess maybe I can still use them... should have asked earlier. Besides you could have linked your tutorial as well ;) Found it studying the comments. The problem about adapting yours is that I'm not sure how to translate foam board exactly. The language barrier regarding materials sometimes mocks me. Guess I found it though. I was thinking about using styrodur (coated with worbla or foam craft sheets) since my friends already provided me with it (they didn't use LEDs for their dominators though). But your way and the tutorial look much more neat and I wouldn't have figured how to use the trigger as a switch. Thought it would be very tricky. As very often I end up with kind of a time problem now... 10 days left and just starting although I only have to write applications in addition to crafting.

There is also another opportunity a friend came up with for the base.... but I'm not sure if I'd get finished in time if I order it online now... Guess I go to bed now and figure it out tomorrow. Really notice the difference in time zones atm. It's haf past 1 am here now.

Really many thanks! Although I really feel like a beginner now *sigh*. 

Love-of-Krye Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
:D No prob~
I didn't make a tutorial for the LED one, but I did for the Non-LED dominator. For the LED, I used a foamboard (they are usually used for poster presentations. Paper outer texture with thin foam inside). The Non-LED dominator, I used styrofoam for the base. :) 

There's a description under the picture of the supplies I used for my LED: Here
The internal looked like this (sorry, its a total mess!): Internal So, 5mm LEDS are good still~ Because I have them just sitting inside near the holes. You'll only need 9 :)

Having the trigger as a switch was tough because of the limited space. But, just squish it in and it'll be good. Haha~

Best of luck! ^^ The most time spent was cutting out the pieces and wiring. 
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Nepesi Jan 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you so much for the :+devwatch:!
Love-of-Krye Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Ah!! Thank you so much for the Watch back & Faves :D
Love your cos~
I think I found you through forum post :) So, hello there!
Nepesi Jan 26, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem! Thanks, and I absolutely love that thread! I've found tons of cosplayers from there.
Love-of-Krye Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Yea~ :D I love going there~ There's new posts all the time = more awesome cosers to look at :>
Thanks for the watch :33
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