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FFVII: Yuffie Kisaragi by Love-of-Krye
FFVII: Yuffie Kisaragi
I've adored her for many many years now. The first version I did of her was from Kingdom Hearts~ Did not do her justice and really wanted to re-do it but the Advent Children version. Some classmates and schoolmates and I decided half a year ago that we would cosplay FF7~ We didn't get to start until a month before AX 2015~ It was hectic planning her cosplay as well as making costumes for the rest of the team (Reno, Aerith, Cloud, and parts of Zach). I'm so glad everything worked out~

I hope to do more shoots with her since 2 of the cast members weren't able to make it this time around (Zach and Barret).  If anything, next stop, either SacAnime SUmmerr 2015, or SacAnime Winter 2016. 

PC: Gary (Destiny's Curse Photography)
Yuffie Kisaragi: Love-of-Krye (CYL Cosplay)
DMMd: Got Morphine? by Love-of-Krye
DMMd: Got Morphine?
Fave fave fave shots of our ViTri Hersha/Welter Shoot! From 2 different perspectives and it came out fantastic~Seeing them side-by-side is my fave~


PC: Kelly Dun Photography (Fb)
Fem!Trip: Love-of-Krye (Fb)
Fem!Virus: JinCity (Fb)
Human!Hersha: Albee
Human!Welter: Joe
DMMd: Bunny Cube by Love-of-Krye
DMMd: Bunny Cube
One of my most fave shots during the shoot~ I really needed a floating bunny cube pic, and here it was! Perfect moment caught by Kelly <3 

Fem!Noiz: Love-of-krye (Fb
PC: Kelly Dun Photography (Fb
DMMd: Morphine by Love-of-Krye
DMMd: Morphine
This has been my dream team for a long time. Always wanted to see Virus & Trip with their allmates Hersha & Welter. I've been throwing this idea around left and right for over a year now and finally was able to debut the WHOLE group at SacAnime Winter 2015! The cosplay all together looks fairly simple, but it came down to all the details - especially the hair~ I've never styled wigs that much so this was an extreme challenge for me and had a lot of fun. 

Fem!Trip: For both of ViTri's wigs, took a total of 4 wigs to put together. I made the earrings out of hoop earrings (resized them if I had to) and air-dry clay. Look heavy, but its not~ Jin coordinated her Fem!Virus on her own. I designed the print of Trip's plaid on PS then sent it to a manufacturer to make me my customized fabric pattern. EXPENSIVE, but sOOOOOooOooo worth it! First time I also hand sewn button holes. The most challenging thing about Trip's was aligning the squares. HUGE headache TwT But I made it!! Super Duper happy~~~ \(@^u^@)/

ALLMATES: Ultimately, I wanted to go for the J-Rock look. Hersha's outfit was the hardest to coordinate because "snakes" are simple and sleek. Being Virus' allmate, he also had to be more "sophisticated" and "classy" look. Ended up making a collar out of faux snake skin and making a chained double-snake necklace. He had cuffs accented with silver studs. Both Hersha and Welter have parachute pants. :D Welter's was fun~ I bought some seasonal tattered fabric for the under cardigan and layered it with a solid black outer cardigan to create the 2-tones and some depth. There is black fur lining the outer cardigan. In Trip's route, he buys collar for Aoba - so I deducted from that he loves power and control and would also have collar on Welter. Plus the silver chain helped break up all the dark colors. 

PC: Kelly Dun (Fb)
Fem!Virus: JinCity (Fb)
Fem!Trip: Love-of-Krye/CYL Cosplay (Fb)
Human!Hersha: Albee
Human!Welter: Joe


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First off~ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hope you are having a wonderful time with family and friends~

Right after New Years Day is SacAnime Winter 2015! Im fairly excited for this event~

Friday, Jan 2nd (Day 1) - Inu x Boku SS
Planning to bring my Ririchiyo and will be joined up with Kelly (tumblr: Qainax) as Karuta. I got a new wig and planning to revamp the dress a little so it is more fitted~

Saturday, Jan 3rd (Day 2) - DRAMAtical Murder (DMMd)
It's the big reveal~ Morphine Group. I will be going as Fem!Trip and my not-twin partner in crime, Jin (Fb: Jincity Art+Cosplay), as Fem!Virus. We'll both have our human version Allmates. Joe as Berta/Welter and Alby as Hersha. Unfortunately, my lovely Aoba, Amy (Fb: WatchAoba-Chan) will not be able to make it. So I will be co-hosting the DMMd Gathering @ 2PM at the Artwall with Jin!

Come to the Gathering!!

Sunday, Jan 4th (Day 3) - DRAMAtical Murder (DMMd)
Twins here we come. I will be bringing back Aoba and Jin will be Sei~ Won't be bringing my LED "Scrap" brain, but still will be cool!

Hope to see you guys there <3


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Cho Yee-Ling
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Name: Cho Yee-Ling (Last, First)
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Good day ~<3 I was born in the year of the horse in the month of cancer. On the day of fire. Therefore, my elements are both fire and water. Causing me, in a sense, to be mist. ;)

Nice to meet you~ Welcome to my page of mainly cosplay and a few other fun things! Please do not hesitate to strike a chat with me. Am happy to meet/make new friends~ Much love <3 Have lovely day~

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Good morning. I've got a little question since I'm finally going to start work on my dominator (late again as always but another cosplay and writing applications kept me busy): Which  material did you use as the base/body for your dominators? I'm just curious. I've already got something in mind. But I'm not entirely sure if it'll work and be robust that way.

Thanks in advance

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